Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Businesses Need to Change to Meet 'Consumerization'

Yesterday at the Interop New York's keynote presentation, many spoke about how consumerization will have the most impact on how business enterprises transform their technology infrastructures. Accordingly to Citrix President and CEO Mark Templeton (from ChannelWeb), "At present, people can have a richer and more productive technology experience with their personal devices than they can at the office. The reason is that most enterprises are tied to legacy infrastructure that's slow to evolve -- and in a decade that's seen an explosion of consumercentric, endlessly customizable technologies, that's now a problem."

We couldn't agree more.

From the past decade, we've seen a gradual shift of businesses owning and managing IT infrastructure to today's popular IT outsourcing on a pay-per-use basis. In addition, companies are now demanding a more robust and dynamic infrastructure with high level of security, reliability and the ability for customization.

This is where VARs and service providers needs to focus on IT trends and key business transformation initiatives. It's indicative that businesses are now in control and they want cost-effective IT services on-demand. More and more hosted solutions have demonstrated solid ROI and now it all boils down to the decision makers' mindset to swap out the legacy infrastructure piece by piece to the "cloud" model.

This is why we continue to support our client with solutions such as Hosted Services and iTOS because we see this trend continue as more businesses realize that it is about the business not the IT.


  1. Thank you for posting this article. Actually, yes, business and IT are two different things. We should really hope that there will be a great change.

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