Friday, July 10, 2009

Proactive Managed Services Still In Demand: Remote Monitoring is Key

Kaseya just released its 2009 IT services Trend and Practice Survey Result which consists of 2,256 VARs, solution providers and IT consultants combined or "fully outsourced IT" described by the report.

The most interesting part is that most IT companies (80% or more) are still doing the "break-fix" reactive approach rather than the "automated" pro-active model in their managed services practice. This shows the challenges that many IT shops still have in moving to a pro-active model and is one of the many topics covered during our Zenith training by our CEO Kent Erickson.

Accordign to the survey, the biggest challenge is "monitoring" followed by "security." Remote system monitoring is definitely the trend for the growing proactive IT management model that businesses will adopt in the future.

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