Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Survive and Recover: Why You Need to Expand Your Offering

The numbers are in: consumers are saving more than they're spending, and that spells trouble for businesses. This means the recovery will likely to be slow because businesses will continue to be cautious on IT spending due to consumer cut backs.

Unlike the March period, when no customer segment was spared, SMB and public sectors improved somewhat while large accounts continued to deteriorate,
according to the latest report from Raymond James.

However, instead of focusing on the bad news, service provider should take into consideration that small businesses will continue to embrace the hosted service model, or the "cloud." The days of large capital expenses (CAPEX) are gone and the new way of doing business is the monthly pay-as-you-go (OPEX) SaaS model.

If you're a VAR or a MSP, ask yourself this: How are you staying competitive with enhanced services or new product offerings? What are you doing to lower the cost of your customers' IT costs?

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